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His & Her Secrets to 30+ Years of Marriage

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Wowsers! It’s been a minute since I’ve done this blogging thing. So hi, glad you’re here! My sweet parents aka Chris & Deb (it’s actually Debbie, but I’m dramatic and like to shorten it) celebrated THIRTY FLIRTY years of marriage last week! As much as I wish I could say that staying married for that long is common, it’s really quite rare these days. And that breaks my heart! I am believing for forever to mean forever again. And it’s my hope for all of my couples, friends, family, heck all married peeps to celebrate 30/40/50/60+ years of marriage one day! I may plan + do weddings, but I’m just as invested in marriages. That’s why I enlisted my two favorite marriage vets to share a few of their secrets, tips and nuggets of advice. Hope y’all enjoy this his & hers perspective on 30 years (and counting) of marriage!


  1. Give God the glory. He put you together for a reason.
  2. Compromise, compromise, compromise.
  3. Never stop trying new things – new recipes, new restaurants, new adventures, etc.
  4. Say I love you often – in person, on the phone, in a text. 
  5. It’s okay to do someone else’s chores. Different seasons demand different things. Women can mow grass and take out the trash. Men can cook and do laundry. It all has to be done.
  6. Make or agree on big purchases together – cars, houses, refrigerators, etc.
  7. Respect each others’ differences. I like italian herbs and cheese. He likes wheat. He likes ketchup. I dislike ketchup. 
  8. Take trips together – day trips, weekend adventures, week-long vacations. 
  9. Learn the words “let it go” and put them into action. Sometimes we get focused on the small stuff and we can’t see the big picture. 
  10. Never stop dreaming together. Some dreams may not come true, but some do! 


  1. Before I said the “L” word, I asked myself if I could see my love for her ever ending. The answer was a no brainer – no! And always should be.
  2. Those eyes you used to stare into all the time are still the same eyes 30 years later. 
  3. When you get in a fight, guys – step back for a while, think about it and you’ll see that 95% of the time she’s right.
  4. Do better than I have at truly cherishing your wife. She needs it more than you know. 
  5. Live within your means.
  6. Put selfish desires aside! She is your life now. 
  7. Don’t lose your smile or your joy!
  8. Be good at laughing and don’t be so serious about everything. 
  9. Find new things to do. 
  10. Invite Jesus into your heart! Be the man you are supposed to be! This should be #1. 

Dotted & Crossed,

Erin, Chris + Deb

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