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Bride and groom exit ceremony as husband and wife while guests cheer at Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden

Jul 20 2020

Brynn + David | Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden

Dot & Cross Duo | Brynn + David Location | Kansas City, Missouri Venue | Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden Vibes | Minimalist, romantic, urban …

Brynn + David | Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden Read More

Wowsers! It’s been a minute since I’ve done this blogging thing. So hi, glad you’re here! My sweet parents aka Chris & Deb (it’s actually …

His & Her Secrets to 30+ Years of Marriage Read More

Hey! Get comfy. This one’s sweet, but it’s not short. Marriage is too important to skimp on! Cullen and I celebrated our second anniversary last …

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Ashton Kutcher and his TV crew may not have been present, but your girl got straight up punked! Last November, I attended the Business Boutique …

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bridal party laughing
Hey! So glad you’re here! Let’s get one thing straight before I get going: there is no perfect/right/correct number for a wedding party. Well, maybe …

The More the Merrier…or Is It? Building Your Wedding Party Read More

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And trust me, you want your mom to be happy on your wedding day! I know the perfect …

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bride and groom tossing keys during unity ceremony
I’m a sucker for a good 2000’s throwback, but Cullen and I did not ACTUALLY pop, lock and drop it in front of our wedding …

Pop, Lock and Drop It! A Unique Twist on the Unity Ceremony Read More

Hey y’all! Happy Earth Day! If you haven’t already, carve out a few minutes to bask in the sun, take a walk, enjoy a view …

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bride and groom dancing with glow sticks
Hey! So glad you’re here! Before I get to it, allow me to let you in on how this first wedding of mine came about! …

9 Lessons I Learned Doing My First Wedding (Number 5 Was Deflating…Literally) Read More

I’m not sure how many years ago it was, but I remember turning to Cullen on one of our many road trips and said something …

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Hey! So glad you’re here! Wedding planning is my jam, but I’m new to these blogging parts. Can you show your girl some grace for …

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Pop the champagne! 🍾 If you’re reading this, it means my website is finally live (and working 🙌) and I am doing the dang thing! …

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