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Brynn + David | Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden

Bride and groom exit ceremony as husband and wife while guests cheer at Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden
  • Dot & Cross Duo | Brynn + David
  • Location | Kansas City, Missouri
  • Venue | Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden
  • Vibes | Minimalist, romantic, urban garden, modern industrial, simple elegant
  • When they booked | 1 year out
  • What they booked | Homestretch aka Month/weekend-of coordination
  • Why they booked | “I really thought I would be able to plan my whole wedding by myself. I knew exactly what I wanted and I figured since my mom is an extreme planner/designer and since I had seen many of my friends already get married, it would be a walk in the park. WRONG. I realized as soon as we got engaged and the world started asking me a million questions about what our wedding was going to be like, that I needed someone else. As much as I trusted my mom, I wanted her to enjoy the process and not have to plan every part of it. I ran it by David and he said if you think it’ll be less stressful for you, do it.”

Love story tidbits |

  • Brynn + David’s first “date” was actually not supposed to be a date at all. They were coaching high school basketball together and had plans to meet up for happy hour with another coach. Well, the other coach never showed. Brynn + David ended up getting dinner, went bowling and headed to Westport in the rain – and the rest was history!
  • Fast forward to the proposal…Brynn refused to eat sushi (I have since confirmed that she does now eat Philly rolls and Shrimp Tempura so she is a normal human being…who doesn’t like sushi amiright?!), but David was dying to go for his birthday dinner so she bit the bullet. David says he picked that night to propose because it’s the only time he knew Brynn wouldn’t think something was up – since it was her taking him out. Later that night, he proposed at the Kauffman Center – which is where they’d take wedding party pictures a little over a year later.

Small world |

  • I played basketball (or I should say *tried* to play basketball) against Brynn in high school. You’re welcome for boosting your block stats. Sincerely, a short stack. She’s a total baller and played D1 at Iowa State. 
  • David is from the same small (like, real small) town that my great grandparents and grandparents called home. Unionville, Missouri – home of the Putnam County Midgets (no joke) and Dairy Lane, the most magical little mom and pop ice cream spot. Oh the mems!
  • Brynn and I both had little miss Jade as our flower girl and her sweet mama is who sent Brynn my way!
Groom in navy suit bends down to hug flower girl holding floral hoop

Emergency Kit MVPs |

  • Safety pins/sewing kit | Dress malfunctions can happen, y’all. And when they do, you best be prepared! Huge shout out to Brynn + David’s photographer aka superhero sewer Sarah for grabbing the kit and having Brynn back on the dance floor in a jiff.
  • Chapstick | Brynn and I share an obsession (or is it an addiction?) to chapstick, so the kit’s always stocked.
  • Deodorant | Brynn + David’s big day also happened to be one of the hottest recorded days in Kansas City in recent years. So, yeah, the wedding party was thankful to have deo for the BO on hand. 
  • Pruners | These were a must to repurpose the bouquets to head table arrangements. My assistant gave the bouqs a quick trim on the way back from pictures and they were ready to plop into the compotes and put the finishing touches on a stunning head table.
  • Breath mints | A couple of Brynn’s bridesmaids asked for a mint after dinner and I was happy to bring them their very own container. Whether it’s pre-ceremony kisses or post-meal, the kit’s there to keep ya fresh.

Confessions of a wedding planner |

  • I brought an extra guest…hehe I was 17 weeks pregnant on their big day! Can’t wait to tell Kauffman all about the very first wedding he attended. It was one heck of a partayyyy!
  • My feet have scars from the shoes I wore that day. RIP skin. Still on the hunt for the best day-of kicks. No matter what aches and pains I have at the end of wedding day, they’re always worth it!
  • I still have the check Brynn and David sent to reserve their date. (Don’t worry, it’s under lock and key.) It’s not only a reminder of my first real deal payin’ gig, but it also serves as a big YOU GOT THIS, YOU’RE DOING IT, KEEP THIS THING GOING, PEOPLE NEED YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER!
  • Last one, best one. I may or may not have gone back for seconds at the donut truck. Cowtown Mini Donuts, I love you.

Featured florals |

Jasmine, baby blue eucalyptus, sea star fern, dried hydrangea, cappuccino roses, anemones, white tweedia, thistle

Memorable moments |

  • Brynn + David snuck inside immediately after the ceremony for the sweetest, private moment. They grabbed a drink from the bar, took a seat and let “just married” sink in for a few minutes. It also allowed them a chance to see how their vision came to life and soak up the details before the space was crowded with guests. And, of course, provided for some great photo opps! 
  • Towards the end of the night, I headed out to do some cleanup in the ceremony space. As soon as I cracked the door open, I turned right back around to track down Brynn, David and their photographer. Coordinators don’t let their couples miss out on magical, romantic, lovey-dovey string light moments. Or at least, I sure don’t. 
  • Brynn’s maid of honor, Bree, straight up showed out in her non-dress fit! From the matching mauve blazer to the classic, clean white loafer, she was swaggy from head to toe. 
  • I remember Brynn + David mentioning on more than one occasion how much they looked up to their officiant and how his marriage was #goals. I loved that they prioritized their marriage before they even said “I do” by choosing someone they could call on and look to for guidance long after their big day.
  • David’s groomsmen gifts were Yeti cups and one of the guys…cough..Cody…cough…left his at the venue. I remembered which color belonged to who and had set it aside turning cleanup with plans to return it Brynn + David the next day. A few minutes later, a car pulled up outside the venue and in walked a frantic Cody. Before he could get a word out, I held up the prized cup. He was so happy/relieved/thankful…the booze may have added some drama to the emotion, but I was glad to save his day!
  • Brynn’s mom planned a surprise (Bless you, Mama Ang, for looping me in ahead of time!) Star Wars grand exit for David. Loved that she thought of her son-in-law and made a point to incorporate one of his favs into the day!

Dream team |

Love note |

“Erin was the absolute best. We booked her close to a year out and she just went full speed. She knew all the things I did not. I could call, text, FaceTime her anything and anytime and she would get back to me with all the answers. I did not lift one finger the day of the wedding and everything was completely handled. Erin included my husband on all the things (as much as he wanted lol) and honestly, everyone just complimented how well she did. She was literally our biggest fan the past year and always knew how many days until the big party! Our vendors knew she had everything handled and so did we. Oh and mind you, she’s like crazy affordable. BOOK HER NOW!!!! What I love most? She sends you a book (I won’t spoil which one) about marriage and it was my favorite read this past year!”

From beginning to end – your planner, doer and friend.

Dotted & Crossed,



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Dot & Cross Events owner Erin sprays champagne

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