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The More the Merrier…or Is It? Building Your Wedding Party

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Hey! So glad you’re here! Let’s get one thing straight before I get going: there is no perfect/right/correct number for a wedding party. Well, maybe there is. It’s the number you decide is best for YOUR wedding!

I am allll for a big wedding party. Cullen and I had nine bridesmaids and seven groomsmen and wouldn’t have had it any other way. As big wedding parties are becoming more of a norm, I think it’s important for couples to understand what comes with the territory before nailing down their “I do” crew.


Big wedding parties=big floral totals. You can get to $1,000 quicker than a hot knife through butter just with bouquets and boutonnieres. Consider petite bridesmaids bouquets to see that total come down.

Plus Ones

Don’t forget to factor in dates! This goes for the actual wedding and pre-wedding festivities like the rehearsal dinner.


If you go with a smaller option, it’s going to be making more than one trip to get everyone from point A to point B. Aka precious time! Want to get everyone in one swoop? Precious dollars for that big party bus!


Even if giving/receiving gifts isn’t your love language, it’s customary to give the members of your wedding party a thank you gift. Factor this into your budget from the get go. Gifts for your favorite people shouldn’t be an afterthought. Black Friday is a great time to be on the lookout for quality, budget-friendly wedding party gifts.


Make sure your ceremony venue is going to have adequate space at the altar. You don’t want your people to be standing on top of each other. Also, don’t forget your head table. Will there be space to fit everyone at one longggg table? Do you want dates at the head table as well? Or is a sweetheart table going to be the best option?


Large wedding parties can make for some fun photos, but you can expect photos to take a tad more time and a tad more wrangling. Getting a shot list to your photographer and a solid plan in place is a must!


Cringe when brides say they started getting ready at 7:30am? That could be you depending on how much help you hire for hair/makeup. More bridesmaids means more time to get ready. You’ll also want to consider how many schedules you want to work around for the bachelorette party, wedding shower, etc.

At the end of the day, have as many people in your wedding party as your heart desires! Whether it’s 1 or 11, remember it’s YOUR wedding and no one knows who you want by your side more than you.

Dotted & Crossed,


P.S. If you’re counting my bridesmaids in the picture above and are coming up with 8 instead of 9. You’re not crazy. One of my bridesmaids took fashionably late to the next level. Roll with the punches, y’all!

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