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The Best Way to Experience a Wedding: A Mom’s Perspective


If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And trust me, you want your mom to be happy on your wedding day! I know the perfect solution to make sure that’s the case, but I’ll let you take my mom’s word for it instead of mine!

To Moms, Brides and Future Brides –

As Mother’s Day approaches I often catch myself reflecting on my own mom and my role as a mother. I can say that being in control is my strength and my weakness. I would say that this was the case for my mom as well. I’m glad she was a take charge lady because raising six kids is no easy task, but I don’t think she got to really experience the joy that comes from really letting go and letting someone else take over. I feel that I can honestly say there have been a few times in my life I have experienced this freedom – our trip to China to adopt our daughter McKenzie (once we got off the plane in China we pretty much had to go with the flow), my trip to San Diego for my 25th anniversary, and the most recent was our daughter Erin’s wedding in Colorado. Thanks to her wonderful planners, I didn’t have to do a thing but show up and enjoy the day. I got to get pampered and hang out with the wedding party. The venue was set up beautifully with no help from me and I got to sit back and take in all the beauty. Once the event was over, I picked up a few items and reflected on how smooth the night had been and how much fun it was. I credit this to my daughter’s planning, her planners’ attention to detail and the venue staff. For me, personally, having her planners there made a huge difference in my daughter and my family’s day. I will forever be grateful for the joy I was able to experience. It is my hope that more moms and brides get to experience this freedom and consider planners as an option.


Debbie Robinson

Give your mom a break. Let her be a guest. Spend all the precious moments with her. Thank her by celebrating with her instead of putting her to work (even if she says she wants to!). Give her the freedom to let loose. Allow her to experience joy to the fullest.

Y’all. I’ve heard the alternative and it’s not fun. It usually goes something like this, “Man, if I could do it over again. I barely got to see my mom because she was running around so much getting everything ready.” Do it for you AND your mom!

Want to say “I love you, Mom!” in a big way? Shoot me an email at [email protected] to talk my mom approved planning + doing packages. I would love to serve you and your mama! Or if you’re a mom reading this, treat yo self! Or send this link to your son or daughter so they can treat you!

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