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"It is hard for me to put into words the value that Erin and her team brought to our wedding day (and prior). They made the day so seamless and even if something did go wrong, I had no idea which is so nice for a bride not to worry! Erin was quick to respond, always helpful to remind me of things, and kept the organizing aspect in check. I can’t recommend Dot & Cross Events enough!!!"

love cari | happy bride

“Erin knows her job and knows how to do it well. For someone like me, who knew little about wedding details, I was able to fully leave things in her hands. She is direct, honest, and had no problem giving clear instructions to wedding party members, guests, and vendors. Erin kept everything as it should be in order to have a flawless night and made sure that Matt and I had everything that we wanted or needed. Erin was always available for calls, emails, texts, and questions and gave me stability throughout the entire process. She was always on time, on point with all of our deadlines, and most of all, brought things to my attention that I never would have thought of.”

love tessa | happy bride

David & Lauren
David & Lauren
David & Lauren

"Where to start?! Erin's title of wedding planner/coordinator is so limited when it comes to all that she does behind the scenes and on the day of. Deciding to hire Erin was the best decision we made during our wedding planning process. Due to cancellations caused by COVID-19, we were forced to push our wedding back. When our original date was cancelled, I was so overwhelmed, to say the least, and Erin was a great person to turn to during this time. She coordinated with all of my vendors by sending emails, updates, date change info, etc. She was literally our saving grace during all the madness. Fast forward to wedding day - from setting up decorations exactly how I wanted, making sure we were able to eat during the reception, fixing broken zippers and shimmying a broken dress to look brand new, she completely exceeded all of our expectations. We couldn't have asked for a better coordinator during this crazy wedding planning process. She will literally go above and beyond for her clients and I would and continue to strongly recommend her to all future brides! Extra bonus - she knows all the best coffee shops and bakeries around for your check-ins/meetings!!"

love lauren | happy bride

"If you are thinking about hiring a wedding coordinator, DO IT & choose Erin. I cannot say enough good things about this amazing woman. Our wedding had to be rescheduled due to COVID and we were heartbroken. Erin did every single thing in her power to not only make my husband and I feel more at ease but make sure every single thing would be perfect on our new date.. and let me tell you.. our new wedding date was the best day of our lives. Erin was on top of every single thing. She was our LIFESAVER. I did not worry about one thing the entire day which is not normal for me at all. She made me feel so important and so well taken care of. My husband was a little apprehensive about hiring a coordinator at first and after our wedding, he told me that it was worth every penny and I agree with him 100%. We love Erin. She is a superhero. She made our day spectacular and we couldn’t have done it without her."

love peyton | happy bride

"Erin was confident and very calm, which was so helpful throughout the whole experience. I knew she would be able to handle whatever happened with vendors, family, activities, etc. throughout the day. This was so important to me since I wanted to fully enjoy the day and focus on friends, family, and my new husband! I was so thankful that she had everything set up and looking great by the time I arrived at the venue. I loved that I was not involved in the decorating and making any decisions the day of. I was able to relax (as much as I could since I was so nervous). My mom was also very thankful that Erin was involved in the process. Being a couple hundred miles away made it difficult for her to really be involved. Knowing that Erin was keeping track of everything was very reassuring to her. Finishing up grad school, finding a job, moving, and planning a wedding was a lot to do in 7 months! But Erin's help made it possible. I do not think it would have been exactly what I wanted if she did not help us out."

love becca | happy bride

"I booked Erin about 7-8 months before my wedding. I had already booked the major things like ceremony and reception venues, photographer and DJ - so we hired Erin for her “homestretch” package for the weekend of the wedding. For one, I know it says weekend of, but to be honest Erin was there answering questions and helping me with anything and everything wedding related from the moment we added her to our party. She is the most organized, thoughtful, and genuine person you could ever have helping on your wedding day. She thought of everything - from seating to cake & flower deliveries to doing her own first look with me after I’d gotten ready and making sure my drink was full the whole night. Our wedding weekend, she did it all. I told everyone “Ask Erin - she knows more about what’s happening than I do!” And that was the 100% truth. And to top it off - she did it all, 7 months pregnant with her little man Kauffman, and she did it all with grace and genuine love for what she does. There aren’t enough words for what Erin will bring to your wedding day but I hope that this conveys a piece of it. She will be one of the things you look back on and say (words coming directly from my husband, Alec’s, mouth) “booking Erin was the best decision we made.”

love monica | happy bride

“Erin did an excellent job coordinating our daughters wedding. Having a wedding in a location across the country from where the bride and groom reside and across the state from where we, her parents reside, made it essential that we have help!  Erin was “there” each step of the way guiding us through the tangled web of locations, schedules, appointments and emotions. She was firm but friendly. Organized but flexible. And present but unobtrusive. Thanks Erin for helping to make Monica and Alec’s wedding perfect!”

love mary | happy mother of the bride


“Erin is so sweet, fun, and caring. Her attention to detail and joyful spirit make her an excellent wedding coordinator. On top of being a coordinator, she's a great pep talker and cheerleader during the whole process. My husband and I didn't know where to even start when we started planning and by our wedding day, everything was exactly how we dreamed it because of her. Can't recommend her enough. Worth every penny.”

love samantha | happy bride

"Erin was the absolute best. We booked her close to a year out and she just went full speed. She knew all the things I did not. I could call, text, FaceTime her anything and anytime and she would get back to me with all the answers. I did not lift one finger the day of the wedding and everything was completely handled. Erin included my husband on all the things (as much as he wanted lol) and honestly, everyone just complimented how well she did. She was literally our biggest fan the past year and always knew how many days until the big party! Our vendors knew she had everything handled and so did we. Oh and mind you, she’s like crazy affordable. BOOK HER NOW!!!! What I love most? She sends you a book (I won’t spoil which one) about marriage and it was my favorite read this past year!"

love brynn | happy bride

"Erin is the best addition to your “wedding party” that you could add! She will have your big day running as smooth as possible!"

love kayla | happy matron of honor

"Overall, Erin and her team were phenomenal!! I liked that there was constant communication and there was never a time when I felt like we were not on the same page. On a hectic day, that is obviously very important. Erin was so kind and nice during the few times of chaos. The thing I loved most was her emergency kit. Anything you can think of and more was in there! When the most devastating dress malfunction happened, she was right by Brynn's side prepared because of the emergency kit. I don't know a lot of other wedding planners, but I think that moment alone set her apart from all the rest! I was really glad she was there! I hope she’s not booked when it's time for me to tie the knot because I definitely want to have her around. Thankful for ALL she did to make Brynn and David's wedding go so smooth from the first day to the last."

love bree | happy maid of honor

jac adam
bride and groom dancing with glow sticks
Bride Jacquie poses with groom Adam in field

"Working with Erin was the best choice we made for our wedding. Our engagement was only 6 months and we found Erin at the very end of that and she came in and took over and we are so grateful we were able to have her! She is so organized and asked all of the small detailed questions, some things I hadn't even thought of. She is so sweet and wanted everything to be perfect for us just as much as we did. I would email and text her when I was freaking out about something and she always had it handled. The day of the wedding there was not one thing that went wrong and I give that credit to Erin 100%. The start of the wedding was exactly on time and everything flowed perfectly. She made my bridesmaids and I the most nifty "emergency kit" that had all kinds of things we used. Bobby pins (you can never have too many) toothbrush, floss, name it, it was so helpful!  We had close to 160 people at the reception and the food lines, drinks, and order of events went off without a hitch. We had people asking us who our planner was that night because everything was so perfect and we continued to get comments for weeks about how great she did running the show. We had so much fun and so did all of our guests! We are so lucky we found her and highly recommend her!" 

love jacquie | happy bride


"Our wedding was quickly approaching and I was still very behind on getting things done. My husband and I work a lot and did not have much free time, so it made wedding planning extremely difficult. I thought that I could do it on my own, but I added way more stress than I could handle or needed. I was about to go elope because I still had so much to do and so little time. But then Erin came and saved the day. She came in just a few weeks before the wedding and she basically had to pick up where I left off. I had two bridesmaids back out, had a food vendor back out, had no music picked and tons more that I hadn’t got to or didn’t work out the way I planned. Erin fixed it all. My special day turned into an amazing day. Everything was beyond my expectations of what I wanted and dreamed of. I'm still flabbergasted at the fact that she was able to pull off everything she did in such a short amount of time. I only wish I would have had her plan the wedding long before I finally asked. I recommend getting a wedding planner for any woman who is planning a wedding and has a very busy life. It really does help. You may think that you will be saving money by not having  a wedding planner but in the long run you really are saving money by having one. I wasted a lot by not having somebody help me with the budget. She pulled off one of the best days of my life. She had to deal with my anxiety about the wedding, calling her, texting her about little issues that came up. She was extremely organized, very professional, but also very personal. She made sure that all the things that I wanted were incorporated in the wedding, silly or not. Erin is just completely amazing and I recommend her to anyone. If she can pull off the wedding that I had in just a few weeks, just imagine having her for the whole wedding planning process. She has great style and taste. I am so thankful for her and can't express how wonderful she made my day. She saved my wedding."

love randi | happy bride

Carlos smiles at his bride Lindsey
carlos and lin

"I’ve known Erin since we were 8. Although I’ve watched her grow & mature over these 18 years, these things remain: Erin has always been a planner, a doer, & a real go-getter. She wasn't for hire yet at the time of my wedding, but she was my matron of honor [of course] & boy did she do her job! Specifically, on crisis management - key people missing at our rehearsal? She had solutions! [even if that meant her husband serving as the sound tech at the church on our wedding day]. All just to say, she’s resourceful. Erin was on top of all things schedule, timing, ideas, and most importantly - fun. She thinks of the details that you wouldn’t even think about. She’s one step ahead. Truly, hire Erin and she’ll make your wedding process smooth!"

love lindsey | happy bride

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