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Monica + Alec | UMSL Provincial House Chapel/Clayton Plaza Hotel

  • Dot & Cross Duo | Monica + Alec
  • Location | St. Louis, Missouri
  • Venue | UMSL Provincial House Chapel + Clayton Plaza Hotel
  • Vibes | Classic, clean, elegant, romantic
  • When they booked | 8 months out
  • What they booked | Homestretch aka Month/weekend-of coordination
  • Why they booked | “Having known Erin since grade school, I know how organized and detail oriented she is. I knew and trusted that nothing would get overlooked and that she’d do everything she could to make the day run smoothly.”

Love story tidbits |

  • Ahhhhhh CrossFit. Some love it, some hate it. Although you’ll probably never catch me doing a Kipping pull-up or crushing a Murph WOD, I’m a CrossFit lover. Why? Because it brought Monica + Alec together! Monica let her coach know that she wanted to compete (she’s a total fitness bada**) and Alec (also fitness bada**) quickly reached out and asked her to join his team! And the rest is history.
  • Next up…the proposal…that happened to go down (or should I say up, like 11,000 feet up) in my favorite place…Breckenridge, Colorado! Monica + Alec rode the lift up and skied down to where the resort’s photographers were set up. Alec sneakily whispered to one of the photographers “take lots of pictures” as he walked past and after a few clicks, he got down on one knee and popped the question! Snowy mountain proposal for the win!

Small world |

  • Monica’s dad was my machine pitch coach in grade school and nicknamed me “Speedy Gonzalez.” Best believe I can scoot from one end of a venue to the other when needed. ??‍♀️
  • We graduated from a class of 150 from Smithville High School…Goooo Warriors! It was super special to see someone I had known since kindergarten tie the knot. And even more special to be entrusted with such an important role!

Memorable moments + special touches|

  • Two words. FIRST. DANCE!!! Warning: your cheeks will hurt from smiling for 3 minutes straight. But please, do yourself a favor and watch Monica + Alec’s magical choreographed first dance!
  • Monica + Alec live in Utah and spend a lot of their time adventuring in nature. Whitewater rafting, backpacking, hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing…they do it all! And I love that they tied that part of their lives/themselves into the wedding through hand painted table numbers (by Monica!), skis for the guestbook and mountain themed koozies. They also registered at places like REI, which I thought was super cool!
  • I planned my first ever planner + bride “first look” and it was so worth it! Scroll down a bit for proof! Totally need to get back to doing this!!! Wedding days are busy and I am often being pulled in a lot of different directions, so it was nice to enjoy a “Wow! All of the plans we made together are transpiring. It’s happening! Oh and by the way, you’re freaking stunning!” moment.
  • We could not have asked for a more beautiful fall day!!! Especially, considering, it snowed the day after!
  • Monica wore Birkenstocks for her wedding shoes and I’m honestly so ticked I didn’t think of that for my wedding. How freakin’ comfy and genius!!! And I loved that she stayed true to herself. Don’t wear fancy schmancy heels if you’re not a fancy schmancy kind of gal!
  • I absolutely loved that Monica + Alec allocated a table for their vendors! While this is definitely not something wedding vendors expect, as we’re used to scarfing down food outside, in closets, hallways, etc. – it was certainly a treat and so so appreciated!

Confessions of a wedding planner |

  • I found out I was pregnant a month after Monica + Alec booked me and their wedding was only a month and a half before my due date. So, needless to say, I had a mini panic attack! The first question I asked my doctor (Sorry, Kauffman, I knew you were doing alright in there) was “I have a wedding on November 9th in St. Louis – can I do it?” And her response was, “Oh you’re probably not going to want to, but you can.” That’s all I needed to hear! I was a tad large and in charge and I thought my back was going to fall off after my 12 hour drive home turned into 14 because of a major delay, but I DID IT!!! I was so thankful that Monica was so understanding and trusted me to deliver…before I delivered LOL!
  • Behind every epic bubble picture (see above), there’s a planner standing on the other side of the doors whispering “Alec, when you walk out, dip her for a kiss!” Always looking out for my couples!!! Shout out to Ashley for capturing this moment so well!
  • On my way up to Monica’s suite the morning of the wedding, I joined an older man in the elevator. He kindly looked my way and asked, “Do you know Jesus?” It took me by surprise at first and then I was filled with joy and said, “I sure do!” He then proceeded to ask (referring to my obvious belly), “Going to raise him right?” I answered, “Yes sir. My mom said her main goal is to make sure she sees her kids in heaven. And I’ll try my very best to do the same.” He said, “You have a good mom.” Yes, elevator man, I do. That encounter was such a good start to my day. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day (and life for that matter) and forget who I’m ultimately serving, to praise Him for the opportunities in front me and that He is always with me. I didn’t forget that day!
  • As the night progressed and the dance floor energy began to rise, I kept catching a couple of the young event staff dancing off to the side. I could just tell they wanted to be out there dancing, so I said, “Get out there!” And they quickly replied, “Oh no, we’d get in trouble!” So, I took it upon myself to find their boss and convince him to let them bust a few moves. Don’t worry, I had the bride’s blessing. Their faces lit UP when I told them I had succeeded! I’m all about creating memories, making people feel seen and valued and having some gosh dang fun! Bride, groom and catering staff included!

Emergency kit MVP |

  • My most-used and most-requested item in my emergency kit is safety pins! And this wedding was no exception. Groomsmen dropping it low and suit pants are not always friends. But I’m your friend and I’ve always got safety pins stocked and ready!

Dream team |

Love notes|

“I booked Erin about 7-8 months before my wedding. I had already booked the major things like ceremony and reception venues, photographer and DJ – so we hired Erin for her “homestretch” package for the weekend of the wedding. For one, I know it says weekend of, but to be honest Erin was there answering questions and helping me with anything and everything wedding related from the moment we added her to our party. She is the most organized, thoughtful, and genuine person you could ever have helping on your wedding day. She thought of everything – from seating to cake & flower deliveries to doing her own first look with me after I’d gotten ready and making sure my drink was full the whole night. Our wedding weekend, she did it all. I told everyone “Ask Erin – she knows more about what’s happening than I do!” And that was the 100% truth. And to top it off – she did it all, 7 months pregnant with her little man Kauffman, and she did it all with grace and genuine love for what she does. There aren’t enough words for what Erin will bring to your wedding day but I hope that this conveys a piece of it. She will be one of the things you look back on and say (words coming directly from my husband, Alec’s, mouth) “booking Erin was the best decision we made.”

“Erin did an excellent job coordinating our daughters wedding. Having a wedding in a location across the country from where the bride and groom reside and across the state from where we, her parents reside, made it essential that we have help!  Erin was “there” each step of the way guiding us through the tangled web of locations, schedules, appointments and emotions. She was firm but friendly. Organized but flexible. And present but unobtrusive. Thanks Erin for helping to make Monica and Alec’s wedding perfect!”

From beginning to end – your planner, doer and friend.

Dotted & Crossed,


Dot & Cross Events owner Erin sprays champagne

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