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Pop, Lock and Drop It! A Unique Twist on the Unity Ceremony

bride and groom tossing keys during unity ceremony

I’m a sucker for a good 2000’s throwback, but Cullen and I did not ACTUALLY pop, lock and drop it in front of our wedding guests. As entertaining as it would’ve been, keeping our knees and backs in full working order seemed to be the better option. Instead, we popped, locked and dropped something much more tasteful and symbolic than our backsides. (At least during the ceremony anyways – the dance floor is a different story ?)

I think it’s safe to say that I was more involved in the planning of our actual ceremony than most. That can be chalked up to just who I am as a person, our officiant being close to us and inviting input and the fact that I really didn’t want to overlook the actual commitment part of our wedding. Because, you know, that’s why weddings are a thing.

I wanted to have a unity element in our ceremony, but knew I would have to go with a non-traditional option. Our ceremony was outside, so I didn’t want to risk wind and the lighting of a candle. We were not going to have a table set up, so I couldn’t do the pouring of sand and the cord of three strands option wasn’t going to work logistically either. So, I decided on locks! ?

One weekend I was back home, I went to a little antique shop in downtown Smithville and found the perfect set of antique railroad locks with keys. I loved the symbolism of locks and thought tossing the keys would be a fun way to signify we meant forever! Here’s what was read while we “locked it in.”

“You all have just witnessed Cullen and Erin exchange rings, symbolizing the endless nature of their love. To further symbolize the scope of their commitment to one another, they will seal their promises under lock and key.

A lock and key can symbolize so much. Just as locks have keys to match, so do our hearts. Cullen has found the woman who holds the key to his heart and Erin has found the man who holds the key to hers.

Just as keys open locks, Cullen and Erin unlock each other’s best and most genuine self and greatest potential.

Just as locks keep us safe and provide security, Cullen and Erin will take refuge in each other and will offer each other trust at the deepest level.

Just as locks are placed on valuables, Cullen and Erin will take great pride in each other and will protect their relationship at all costs.

Cullen and Erin, I invite you to bind your locks together at this time.

In doing so, you are illustrating that you are becoming one and that your oneness compliments and completes the other. You are joining your hearts and souls together for a lifetime.

Cullen and Erin, I now invite you to symbolize your commitment to forever by closing your eyes and tossing your keys.

Just as these locks will be permanently bound together, so will the two of you. Let these locks, now without keys, serve as a reminder that no matter what struggles arise, there is no need to break the commitment and promises made today. What God has joined together, let no man divide or separate.”

Funny story. One of Cullen’s groomsmen went and found one of the freakin’ keys! LOL We’ve had the key in our safe since waiting for the right time to toss it. Unbeknownst to me, Cullen took it to Brazil with him. As of yesterday, that bad boy is in the Atlantic ocean and as he put it, we are “locked in for good!” One key is in the Rockies and the other is at the bottom of the ocean, so we don’t think anyone is getting those back to us!

Next mission is to find the perfect spot to showcase the locks in our house! Not only to be reminded of our big day, but to serve as a reminder of the commitment and promises we made to each other. ?

However you choose to symbolize two becoming one or if you choose not to, remember that you are, in fact, becoming one! Leave your selfishness at the door, stand united and work as a team!

Dotted & Crossed,


P.S. Why does Cullen look totally at peace and I look like I’m in pain? LOL

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