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Samantha + Justin | Mockingbird Fields

  • Dot & Cross Duo | Samantha + Justin
  • Location | Ledbetter/Round Top, Texas
  • Venue | Mockingbird Fields
  • Vibes | Rustic, boho, laid back, intimate, eclectic
  • When they booked | 6 months out
  • What they booked | Homestretch aka Month/weekend-of coordination
  • Why they booked | “Dot & Cross Events was the right pick for me because Erin was somebody I already had a relationship with and I knew we all got along great. So when I saw her new website at the moment my husband and I were having a little wedding meltdown, I knew it was a sign that she was what I needed to make my wedding work. Before booking, I felt anxious because I mostly knew what I wanted but had no clue where to start. Leading up to the big day, I felt much calmer and excited that my wedding was really happening and that it was all coming together.”

Small World |

  • Sam and I actually met planning an event – Relay For Life of Walker County/Sam Houston State University. My first job out of college was working as a Community Manager for the American Cancer Society/Relay For Life and Sam was on my volunteer committee as a lead. And let me tell ya, she was a rock star volunteer!!! Overseeing six Relay For Life events with a total fundraising goal of nearly $500,000 as a 22 year old (in a state I knew zero people/had no connections in) was a smidge intimidating at first. It was awesome volunteers, like Sam, that kept me sane, motivated me and made all of long days/nights worth it! At that time, I totally knew that Sam + Justin were going to get married. But never in a million years would I have guessed that after two big moves and four years later, I would own a business and be coordinating their wedding!

Memorable moments + confessions of a wedding planner|

  • Sam submitted the very first inquiry after I launched my website aka my baby. And I’ll never forget it! After hours upon hours of building, editing, testing, rebuilding, writing, editing, researching and teaching myself how to build a dang website, it was SO stinkin’ rewarding to see that email come through!!!
  • Sam + Justin’s wedding was also my first Texas wedding and it was only fitting that it was in the beautiful countryside where ?The stars at night are big and bright (clap, clap, clap, clap), Deep in the heart of Texas, The prairie sky is wide and high (clap, clap, clap, clap), Deep in the heart of Texas?
  • Mockingbird Fields is owned by Sam’s aunt and uncle, so it was very much a laid back family affair. And with that, came excellent hospitality! Sam’s grandma whipped me up the BEST cup of homemade hot chocolate for my drive home after the rehearsal. She also checked on me multiple times throughout the wedding day (I was 6 months pregnant), which was so sweet!
  • I think Sam + Justin might go down in history as my most chill bride + groom ever. They were cool as cucumbers from start to finish. And there were so many dang laughs!
  • Hats off to Sam’s aunt Chelsea! Or I should really say hats on – she wore the venue owner/manager/host hat AND photographer hat for Sam + Justin, while also managing a tiny human! Sam + Justin’s intimate laid back rustic boho affair was a team effort, but it wouldn’t have been possible without AOTY (Aunt of the Year). That collection of antique chairs, those beautiful rugs and the carefully curated bridal suite (which can also be booked through Airbnb by the way!), yep thank Chelsea!
  • Y’all. I don’t know if I pinched a nerve or what, but I took a step and my foot stung SO bad. I thought I was going to have to hop on one foot for the remaining two hours of the reception. I had to walk around with my toes curled up in my shoe for a solid 15 minutes until it went away. LOL! I tried to play it off and act natural. It’s not a wedding without at least one ache or pain!
  • I loved that Sam + Justin stuck to their guns and didn’t let the Pinterest pressure or more is more wedding culture get to them. Pinterest is great and I can dig luxury weddings/elements, but not at the expense of trading in who you are for what the world says you should be. Simple, laid back and casual – you did you Mr. & Mrs. Wollgast! And it looks pretty darn good on ya!

Dream team |

Love note |

“Erin is so sweet, fun, and caring. Her attention to detail and joyful spirit make her an excellent wedding coordinator. On top of being a coordinator, she’s a great pep talker and cheerleader during the whole process. My husband and I didn’t know where to even start when we started planning and by our wedding day, everything was exactly how we dreamed it because of her. Can’t recommend her enough. Worth every penny.”

From beginning to end – your planner, doer and friend.

Dotted & Crossed,



Dot & Cross Events owner Erin sprays champagne

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