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Fun-Loving Schwinn Produce Farm Wedding | Peyton + Wyatt

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I’m going to pull a total dad move to kick this one off and talk about the weather…because, let me tell ya, we could not have asked for better temps for this Schwinn Produce Farm wedding!!! I’m not going to lie, when we were forced to reschedule (dang, Covid) from April to August with an outdoor ceremony and a barn with no AC, I had my reservations. However, the big man upstairs showed up and showed out with a good luck shower in the morning, sunny and 75 for the ceremony and a low of 60 come sundown, which was perfect for guests cooling down after a night of tearing it up the dancefloor. Not only was I thrilled for myself (don’t get me wrong, I’ll hustle no matter the conditions, but always a plus when it doesn’t include sweating my hiney off), but I was also so so happy that Peyton + Wyatt got their beautiful spring weather after all!

Peyton officially holds the record for quickest time to submit an inquiry after getting engaged…2 days y’all! I love a girl that knows what she wants! She said, “Right when you began your new business, I knew I would pick you to help us with our big day!!” Sharing a hometown with Peyton added an element of special already, but knowing she had me in mind before she was even engaged meant the world to me!

Hold on child (Sweet child of mine)
Hold on tight to your old man
Hold on child
Hold on tight to your old man

Hold you tight
I’m gonna hold you tight
Under my wing long as I can
You’re my, my, my, girl
Under my wing long as I can

I’ll be your man.

If you haven’t listened to Zac Brown Band’s song “I’ll Be Your Man”…grab some tissues and give it a listen! This is the song Peyton and her dad danced to and it was just the sweetest!

In memory of |

Grandpa Henry Assel…Thankfully, changing wedding dates was rather smooth from a logistical standpoint. However, emotionally, not so much. Peyton + Wyatt’s original date was 4.4.20, which is Wyatt’s late grandfather’s birthday. I remember hearing the hesitation in Wyatt’s voice when we had our call to officially make the switch. I wanted so badly to make it work for them, but restrictions in place at the time just wouldn’t allow it. I loved that Peyton gifted Wyatt a special pin with a photo of Grandpa Henry – a perfect tribute and subtle reminder that although it wasn’t on his birthday, he was still very much there and remembered.

Dixie…Peyton is a huge dog lover!! So, when I saw the news that their sweet pup, Dixie, passed away the week of their wedding, my heart just broke for her! That is definitely not on the list of things to expect to deal with going into your wedding day. I was so impressed with how Peyton + Wyatt handled it and at how much love and support they were shown by family and friends. Peyton dressed her bouquet with a charm in Dixie’s honor and I just know her pup’s tail was wagging all day long watching her humans get hitched from doggy heaven.

First wedding hayride = CHECK! I’m a small-town gal at heart and there are a lot of dang people in Houston! So sitting my tush on a bail of hay and cruising Kansas country backroads was medicine for the soul! Peyton, I’ve never seen a bride make a bale and a veil look so good!!!

Emergency kit MVPs |

Safety pins. Is it even a wedding unless a safety pin is needed? In this case, it was for a guest’s dress! Here for you AND your beloved guests.
Boutonniere pins. Sometimes those pesky boutonniere pins bend or break, so extras are always on hand. Special shoutout to Peyton’s aunt, Jeniece, who was a boutonniere pinning QUEEN!
Bobby pins.
Okay, that’s a lot of pins…#pinning #winning
And last, but not least, the ever important…deodorant! Pins or pits, you’re covered sista!

Immediately after the ceremony, Peyton + Wyatt shared a moment in the reception barn to take it all in and enjoy those first few “just married” minutes. BIG fan of this!

It’s Wyatt’s last deep breath before he sees his bride for me. It’s Peyton’s dad looking at her in complete adoration for me.

Ope. No story here. Just cuteness! Ayyyyy shout out to my fellow boy mamas and Breckyn for being the most handsome little ring bearer!

(of a person) light-hearted and lively.

Peyton + Wyatt are total goofballs and love to have fun, but are intentional when it matters most and take the important stuff seriously. Aka my kind of people! I loved seeing their fun-loving personalities shine through with a dramatic grand entrance, Wyatt’s epic garter retrieval (keep scrolling for proof), lots of laughs and lots of dancing!!

Confessions of a wedding planner |

  • Peyton + Wyatt’s wedding weekend was suppppppposed to be my first little quick “mom getaway”…..but with Hurricane Laura brewing in the gulf, I moved up my flight and decided to give flying solo with an infant my first go! Nothing was going to get in the way of me celebrating the Assels! And happy to report, Kauffman was a total champ and slept almost the entire flight to KC! While it definitely would’ve been easier for me to fly in and fly out by myself, I’m super grateful for the extra time Kauffman and I got to spend with my parents and that I got to sneak in another in-person meeting with Peyton + Wyatt before their big day! This was also an intro to the whole LOL at any plans you make involving your baby lesson AND I learned to not ever schedule an 8am flight the day after a wedding again…yiiiikes!
  • As the venue owner said it at the end of the night, “You have to be a nice mean to be in your role as wedding planner.” I prefer how Peyton said it when asked to explain her experience working with me, “That you are kind, strong, you get the job done right and on time, you genuinely care about the bride and groom, and you make sure every single thing is perfect from start to finish.” Although I rarely have to, I am always fully prepared to step in and advocate for my couples when needed. On Peyton + Wyatt’s big day, I had to have a few semi-uncomfortable, but absolutely necessary conversations with a vendor in order to keep setup on schedule and to protect Peyton’s vision. Tensions were high behind the scenes for a brief amount of time, but it all worked out and the vendor ended up apologizing later in the night. Having someone onsite to work for YOU and to do the hard things in a respectful, tactful way is so so vital!
  • When Covid restrictions hit with only a month to go and forced Peyton + Wyatt to reschedule, I was so thankful for my background in public relations and crisis communication. In college, I had to do a handful of mock press conferences acting as the PR spokesperson for companies dealing with crises/tragedies…they were recorded and my classmates and instructor acted as media members aka grilled me with questions. I was SO glad when that semester was over, but looking back, I’m grateful for the experience as focusing on key messages, performing under pressure, communicating accurately and efficiently are all part of what I do on the daily. Thanks for preparing me for a global pandemic, Dr. Horn!

Magic Mike or Wyatt Assel? As soon as “Pony” by Genuine came on and I saw Wyatt do his first hip sway, I knew we were in for it. And so were his pants LOL He concluded his show…I mean…dance…by dropping it lowwww and, as the photo evidence depicts, a clean split of the trousers. Definitely an unforgettable, hilarious moment!! Another unforgettable moment involving said pants…Y’all, I’ve seen a lot, so when I thought I was walking up on a groomsman taking a leak behind the barn, I wasn’t necessarily shocked but definitely concerned. Turns out, he was swapping pants with Wyatt so he would be able to do the grand exit with clothes intact. Wyatt’s groomsman said heck with the ol’ “give the shirt off my back” type of friendship and said, “here, take my pants!”

Dream team |

Venue | The Barn at Schwinn Produce Farm
Photographer | Caitlyn Cloud Photography
Videographer | Jared Bazile
Catering + Dessert | Hyvee
Hair | Ashley Falzone
Makeup | Makeup by Paussa Twins
DJ | Flowin’ Productions
Florals + Decor | Charlotte Sandage
Dress | Savvy Bridal
Bridesmaids | Birdy Grey
Menswear | Men’s Wearhouse

Love note |

“If you are thinking about hiring a wedding coordinator, DO IT & choose Erin. I cannot say enough good things about this amazing woman. Our wedding had to be rescheduled due to COVID and we were heartbroken. Erin did every single thing in her power to not only make my husband and I feel more at ease but make sure every single thing would be perfect on our new date…and let me tell you…our new wedding date was the best day of our lives. Erin was on top of every single thing. She was our LIFESAVER. I did not worry about one thing the entire day which is not normal for me at all. She made me feel so important and so well taken care of. My husband was a little apprehensive about hiring a coordinator at first and after our wedding, he told me that it was worth every penny and I agree with him 100%. We love Erin. She is a superhero. She made our day spectacular and we couldn’t have done it without her.”

From beginning to end – your planner, doer and friend. Rooting for you always, Mr. & Mrs. Assel! (And, of course, that precious baby girl on the way!!!)

Dotted & Crossed,


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