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Simple Elegant Venue 311 Wedding | Becca + Tim

bride portrait in front of white chapel at Venue 311

When I received Becca + Tim’s inquiry for their Venue 311 wedding, I had no idea how monumental June 6, 2020 was going to be for me. I purposely blocked off the first few months of 2020 to devote to my new baby and then due to Covid, my spring weddings were rescheduled. So, Becca + Tim’s big day ended up being my first wedding back after maternity leave, the first wedding I had to allocate time for pump breaks (#momlife) and my first wedding of 2020! It’s one I’ll never forget, but not just for those reasons!

I knew I was going to love Becca + Tim from their very first message. “I love your “differences” on your about page. My fiancé and I are very much on the same page with you. We are looking at simple touches to enhance an already beautiful venue, but we want to focus on celebrating our marriage and what God has done and will do in our lives as well as just have a really good time with friends and family.” This is what it’s all about, y’all! It makes my heart so dang happy to hear and witness my couples prioritize their marriage first, wedding second.

Becca + Tim’s big day at Venue 311 was filled with intentional moments, laid-back energy and simple, elegant touches – which was a perfect reflection of them as a couple. They incorporated hints of dusty blue and sage green, but let the venue do most of the talking with its bright white French country interior, timber beams, oversized windows and classic charm.

One of my very favorite things about what I do is allowing moms the freedom to be with their daughters on wedding day. Becca said, “My mom was very thankful that you were involved in the process. Being a couple hundred miles away made it difficult for her to really be involved in the process. Knowing that you were keeping track of everything was very reassuring to her. Thank you for listening to her concerns the day of and making sure she was also happy with everything throughout the day.” In most cases – when moms are stressed, daughters are stressed (and probably dad, too) and it’s my mission to make sure none of the above are true come wedding day!

Emergency Kit MVPs |

Mini screwdriver. Yesssssss I finally got to whip out my pink and black tool bag! Photogs, need to make an adjustment to your gear? I’ve got ya covered.
Advil. Leading up to ceremony time, the bride-to-be needed some headache relief and emergency kit Advil to the rescue.
Safety pins. These are becoming a given! Always stocked. Always ready.

Between Becca finishing her Master’s degree in Forensic Science (Uhhh so cool!) at SHSU, Tim teaching and coaching football in the evenings, looking for jobs in Houston AND house hunting – it was such an honor to take on some of the nitty gritty planning duties so they could focus more time and energy on each other and accomplishing some major goals. Oh yeah, and on top of all of that, enter Covid! As Becca put it, “The most overwhelming aspect of the whole experience was COVID, unfortunately. You did a great job of reassuring us and being there no matter how the plans changed!” I was SO impressed with Becca + Tim’s patience. Fortunately, the mandates and guidelines in place at the time of their wedding, allowed their day to go on as planned. We, of course, implemented a handful of precautions and safety measures that weren’t in the original playbook, but overall their vision came to life and most importantly, they said “I do!” And I’m so so thankful they didn’t have to wait a day longer.

Confessions of a wedding planner |

Oh hey violinist and vocalist! Until about 2 hours prior to ceremony, the plan was to have a guitarist there leading worship. SAY WHAT?! Ever get your days confused? Welllllll, the couple’s dear friend guitarist had it burned in his mind that June 6, 2020 was on a Sunday – despite all documents and the calendar reading Saturday. I gave him a call to make sure he was getting close to the venue as his arrival time had passed and when we finally connected, the Saturday/Sunday mix-up was revealed. He was, expectedly, mortified and so so apologetic. There was no chance he was going to make it as he was in a city a few hours away, so it was time to do what wedding planners do best – figure. it. out. I first checked in with the DJ to make sure he had access to the song if we needed to go that route. I knew Becca + Tim were really looking forward to the instrumental worship piece of their ceremony, so I looped Becca’s brother-in-law in aka violinist prodigy aka saver of ceremonies. He was already slated to play for the processional and was such a team player when it came to adding another duty. He tucked himself away in a storage closest to learn/practice the song and I hereby deem him BILOTY (brother-in-law of the year!). We also brought Tim’s cousin on to sing, who just happened to have been practicing Tis So Sweet for church the week prior – coincidence? I think not!! Thankfully, Becca + Tim are the sweetest and while they obviously weren’t thrilled with the news, they were appreciative and receptive to the solutions presented. And let me tell ya, the instrument may have been a smidge different, but the ceremony turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Tim and his mom totally rocking their mother/son mash-up? I love Tim’s sense of humor and loved that he let his inner goofy out on the dance floor! And his mom was SO committed to the cause – even getting in a few practice moves earlier in the day. SO SWEET!

Dream team |

Venue | Venue 311
Photo + Video | 3:23 Films
Florals | Always Floral Spring
Catering | Hometown Chef
Cake | Kiss the Cook Cakes
DJ | DJ Dave Productions
Hair | Xanadu Salon and Spa
Linens | Events to Remember
Dress | David’s Bridal

Love note |

“Erin was confident and very calm, which was so helpful throughout the whole experience. I knew she would be able to handle whatever happened with vendors, family, activities, etc. throughout the day. This was so important to me since I wanted to fully enjoy the day and focus on friends, family, and my new husband! I was so thankful that she had everything set up and looking great by the time I arrived at the venue. I loved that I was not involved in the decorating and making any decisions the day of. I was able to relax (as much as I could since I was so nervous). My mom was also very thankful that Erin was involved in the process. Being a couple hundred miles away made it difficult for her to really be involved. Knowing that Erin was keeping track of everything was very reassuring to her. Finishing up grad school, finding a job, moving, and planning a wedding was a lot to do in 7 months! But Erin’s help made it possible. I do not think it would have been exactly what I wanted if she did not help us out.”

From beginning to end – your planner, doer and friend. Rooting for you always, Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey!

Dotted & Crossed,


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