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Houston wedding coordinator Erin Rosine

erin rosine (row-zeen)

your fav wedding planner in Kansas City

After spending the last six years in the drylands of New Mexico and most recently - deep in the heart of Texas - your fav wedding planner in Kansas City is HOME sweet Mahomes. While I left the mediocre BBQ and humidity in Houston, I carefully and thoughtfully packed up my Texas-sized wedding planning experience, lessons in southern hospitality and a healthy portion of “y’alls” for the trek back to the midwest - all of which, I’m eager to share with you! Regardless of my zip code, I’m a citizen of heaven and my soul calls the mountains home. I’ve got top-shelf taste, but am small-town paced. I work really hard, but pray harder. I’m a dreamer, doer and a double-dog darer. A birks, tennies and occasional heel wearer. I love pretty things, but this tomboy at heart is more hustle than ruffle. I’m a simple, less-is-more kind of gal except when it comes to cilantro, chips and dip and big, squeezer hugs from my son, Kauffman. I take the backroads when I can, will try anything once and if I’m in the car, shower or trying to fall asleep, there’s a creative idea brewing. At my 8th grade graduation, the teachers gifted each student a paper footprint with a defining word on the back. Framed proudly and lived by daily, mine was and still is “go-getter.” I’m a lover of love and in a culture that is constantly making marriage the butt of all jokes, I’m passionately believing and rooting for marriage to regain its significance, purpose and fun! I’ve been planning events since my 7th grade back-to-school party (thanks Mom & Dad!) and have sharpened my skills through my work with Innovative Public Relations, the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock (now Dallas Wings), the Kansas City Chiefs and the American Cancer Society. The seed to plan weddings was planted in my heart years ago, but it wasn’t until 2017 that I began to water it. It’s been an absolute thrill to see what God has done since - blessing me with opportunities to serve couples from Dallas to Houston, Chicago to St. Louis, Table Rock to Round Top. But you best believe, I have not and will never forget my first paying gig - that took place right here in the City of Fountains. I wake up grateful each and every day that I get to make real monies doing what I love: serving as your fav wedding planner in Kansas City. I’m not in the wedding business serving people, I’m in the people business serving weddings. Can't wait to serve + celebrate you!

let me tell you 'bout my bessst friend...

I can’t celebrate love for a living and not talk about my man! Simply put, Cullen makes me better. He’s the leader of our goof troop, my safe place and a certified hotty with a body. I’m still waiting for the news crew to show up at my doorstep because I hit the jackpot with that one! I wouldn't be where or who I am without his patience, grace, unwavering support, encouragement and so many dang laughs. He's also the reason I understand the value of having a wedding planner - he said yes to booking ours before I could even get a word out! Could've been the beers at altitude talking, but I'm believing he wanted me to have the best day ever...and I did!

Dot & Cross Events owner Erin poses with husband

I dot your [i] do's and cross your par[t]ies.

whatever your event, you'll celebrate with ease

the dot & cross difference

people + purpose first

I value people more than anything else and helping others succeed is my biggest honor. For me, it’s always person to person over client to planner and it's always giving over receiving.

keep it real

Professionalism is a top priority and I certainly mean business, but I'm not going to lose myself in it. I don’t take myself too seriously. I laugh, joke and look for the good. You get the real deal every time, weird and corny included.

little things

Dotting i's and crossing t's makes my world go 'round. I believe the little things make a big difference, so no detail is overlooked. I want you and your guests to have a top notch experience and it all starts with the little things.

all the fun

I'm a pretty flexible person, but one thing I can’t get behind is a boring wedding. Everything I do and how I do it, is to make sure you squeeze the most possible fun out of your big day. Life is too dang short to not have all the fun!

presence + presentation

Being fully present in each moment is important to me in my every day life and it's how I believe you should experience your big day. I care deeply about delivering a quality product. I give my best to everything I touch and making you look good is something I never skimp on.

marriage cheerleader

I take forever seriously. Your contract may end after the wedding, but I don’t stop working for you. You gain an official marriage cheerleader! Whether it’s through prayer, encouraging texts or sharing helpful resources, I’ll be rooting for your marriage always!

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